Destroy That Dust

Dust collects very easily and the best way to get rid of it is with a microfibre mitt. All you need to do is run your hand over coffee tables, shelves, picture frames and any other surface, then you can quickly trap all that unwanted dust.

Refresh Your Rugs (Or Carpets or Flooring)

The best tool to use when cleaning cushions, lampshades and big rugs is a lint brush. These are great at picking up dirt, loose hair and fuzz. Don’t bother with a broom for the floor, the best thing to use is a vacuum.

Wash Those Walls

If you’ve got pets or little children it is inevitable that your walls will have a few handprints and marks on them. The best thing to use is a cleaning pad or wet wipe, as these are perfect at removing those kinds of stain.

The Door

When people come in with their shoes, they will bring in lots of dirt, mud and grime. So, get them to leave their shoes at the door, and give this area a regular vacuum.

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