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Which areas do you cover?

We provide eco-friendly cleaning in Reading, Bracknell, Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead and Wokingham. Please contact us if your location is not listed.

Are you cleaners vetted?

Yes, we undergo strict vetting and criminal background checks.

Are your cleaners insured?

Yes, we have public liability insurance up to £1,000,000.



Can I have cleaning services on the weekend?

Yes, we provide a seven day a week service and we work on public holidays. You will also be able to schedule morning and afternoon appoints on the same day.


How can I change my regular cleaning services?

Please contact us 24 hrs prior to your booking where you  cancel or reschedule bookings. You can also change the frequency of bookings to weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning.


Do I need to provide the cleaner with cleaning products?

Your cleaner will use the available cleaning products at your property. If you don’t have any cleaning products, please ensure you have at least a mop, bucket, gloves, sponges and a hoover. Please contact us beforehand if you have any questions about what to stock in your home.

Can you hold onto a spare set of keys?

Of course, we can pick up your keys as long as they are within a five-minute walking distance to your property. If you leave a set of keys with us, you will never need to even be present when we clean your home.



What happens if my regular cleaner is unavailable?

In such a case, we will find another cleaner who will be able to visit your home on the same days and working hours that are best for you.


I’m not happy with the clean?

If you’re unhappy with the results of the clean, please get in touch with us, as soon as possible so we can find the solution to your problem.


Can you hold onto a spare set of keys?

Of course, we can pick up your keys as long as they are within a five-minute walking distance to your property. If you leave a set of keys with us, you will never need to even be present when we clean your home.

What times can the cleaner come to my house?

Our cleaners typically begin work at 7.30am. We can schedule cleans on weekends and bank holidays.



Are there any special offers?

Yes, as a member of the K Services club, you can get a 20% discount on all of your regular cleaning along with priority booking and occasional offers.

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Should I arrange a parking permit?

Yes, our cleaners arrive in cars and they will need a place to park.

Can I cancel or reschedule a booking for a one off cleaning?

Yes, please contact us 24 hrs prior to your booking . You can make amendments to your booking at the dashboard.

Can you eliminate mould on my ceilings and/or walls?

Our cleaners will try their best to remove as much of the mould as possible. However, the nature of mould and mildew means that is normally best to hire a certified handyman in case plastering is required.




What kind of products do your cleaners us?

Our cleaners use green and eco-friendly cleaning products that are the kindest to the environment.
Find out more about the importance of green cleaning and eco-friendly cleaning products by clicking below.

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Can you clean the exterior of the windows?

Our cleaners will pay particular attention to the interior of the windows, however we will clean all external surfaces that we can reach. If the window count is rather high, we advise booking a professional window cleaner.


What is the difference of a one off clean to a regular clean?

A one off clean is a special clean that is a lot more thorough and is more appropriate if you had a party, are having a party or have some special guests coming. They can also be completed by more than one maid.


What is the difference a one off clean and an end of tenancy clean?

A one off clean is booked on an hourly basis and we clean as much as we can in that time. An end of tenancy clean is a complete clean that is designed to return the property back to its original state so you can rent it out to another person. We can provide you with a guarantee as it is not hourly based.





Do I need to meet the cleaners in person?

Anyone can meet our cleaners, all we need is access to the property so we can begin work as soon as possible.



How many cleaners should I expect?

One cleaner is normally sufficient. We will dispatch 2 or 3 cleaners if the property is particularly big.


How long will service take?

This all depends on the rooms, their size and condition.

Can you do an after tenancy clean if I’m moving in?

So long as you have no personal belongings in the property and the fridge and freezer are defrosted, we will be able to provide an end of tenancy clean.


Will I get my deposit back after an end of tenancy clean?

We provide a 72 hour guarantee at K Services – so that if the landlord is not happy with the clean we will return free of charge, within 72 hours and re-clean your property.


How much will I pay?

Our hourly rates include our fees and the cleaners fee. Rates will depend on the area you live and the number of hours. If you would like a free quote, simply get in touch with your postcode and estimate of the number of hours needed.

Do I meet my cleaner before the first clean?

Yes! We know how important it is that the right personalities are at the right house. When we have picked a cleaner you will meet them so you are totally happy and so you can discuss the tasks you need completing. It is only when you are satisfied will we arrange a schedule for cleaning.


If you have any more questions about our eco-friendly cleaning in Reading, Wokingham and Bracknell,
please contact us for a friendly chat.